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TYME Iron Inventor Gets Her Chevy at Runde's

12-29-15 Smith Family.jpg

Jacynda Smith, inventor and designer of the TYME Iron, picked up her new 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ at Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque yesterday!

She was here with her husband Dan, and children Ariya, 9, and Taegin, 6. The family lives in Bellevue, Iowa.

The Tyme IronTyme Iron is a tool that can be used to curl and straighten hair by just changing the angle that it is glided from the root to tip of your hair. It makes curling hair faster than using a traditional curling iron.

“I used to curl my hair with a flat iron,” Jacynda said. “I tried to teach people but it was really hard for them to learn. At first, I tried to figure out an attachment for the iron. Then we took apart irons…it was basically trying to figure out what would make it easier for them.”LearningTheTYMEIron235x270

The irons are available for purchase at www.tymehair.com. The website also has FaceTime videos showing actual customers learning how to use the iron from Jacynda herself.

“We can teach people over FaceTime,” she said. “Once we start selling them in the store, we lose that personal connection with the customer, so we have actually turned down retail stores.”

This was the family’s first vehicle from Runde Auto Group. Jacynda said she chose the champagne silver Tahoe because that is her favorite vehicle.

“It’s funny, it actually matches the iron, with the gold,” she said. “We had a Tahoe before, I just love Tahoes.”

Her children also approve of the vehicle. They were excited to watch a DVD on the way home with the headsets they got for Christmas.

“I like it because it has seat warmers,” Ariya said.

Their salesperson was Shannon Mulrooney, who Jacynda said was helpful and great to work with.

“When we started this, everyone said it was just like the American Dream,” Jacynda said. “It’s funny we are buying a Chevy because it has always been associated with the American Dream. This feels like a full circle moment — at this time last year we were just trying to get the first shipment of irons out.”

Here’s a video about the TYME Iron:


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