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Proud Parents of a Marine Pick Up their Son's Car at Runde's

Dave and Lisa Scharnhorst1

Alex Scharnhorst is in the Middle East, but that didn’t stop him from getting a vehicle from Runde Auto Group!

His parents, Dave and Lisa Scharnhorst, stopped into Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque today to pick up their son’s new 2015 Chevy Sonic.

“He got it, we are just kind of the proxies,” Lisa said, explaining that their 20-year-old son is overseas with the military so they are picking up his vehicle for when he comes home in December.

Lisa brought along “Flat Alex,” a stick with a photo of her son on each side. Alex, who followed in his parents’ military footsteps, is a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps.

“He’s been without a car for a few years, with training and everything,” Dave said.

Their salesperson was Dave Frazier.  Dave and Lisa Scharnhorst2

“He was very good,” Dave said. “He struck a good balance between not being too pushy or aggressive but following up. The process here at Runde’s has been very positive.”

They said Dave Frazier was able to find a Sonic with a sunroof and the other options Alex wanted.

“It’s been hard because it’s not so easy for him to just pick up the phone,” Lisa said. “We’ve been emailing back and forth about the options he wants.”

Alex liked the size of the Sonic since it was similar to a Dodge Neon he used to own.

“It’s small but not so small that you feel squished,” Dave said. “It surprisingly has more room than you’d think.”

Thank you for your service, Alex, and enjoy your new Sonic!

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