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Blast From the Past Roars onto Runde Lot

Runde Chevrolet got a blast from the past when Bob Kinsella pulled into the lot in his 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396.
The vehicle, with its frost green exterior and dark green vinyl top and interior, was purchased from Paul Runde at Runde Chevrolet back in 1968.
The cost for the special order at the time was just $4,165.90. Its original receipt itemizes features the vehicle included, like a clock for $15, the vinyl top for $89, the rear window defroster for $22 and bucket seats for $121.
The 375 horsepower 396 engine, which still has its roar, cost just $252.80.
The car is a bit of a boomerang for Bob – he sold it to Richard Simon in Farley, who had it for 33 years, but then bought it back from him.
“I had two kids and they fit back there (in the backseat), but then we had a third one, so I had to get a different car,” Kinsella said.
Since he got the car back, he has done plenty of work on it.
“My son and I took the frame off and redid it,” Bob said.
The vehicle, which has 57,000 miles, has all new gas and brake lines. All the vinyl is original.
It is coming full circle – possibly being traded into the place he bought it from nearly 50 years ago. Bob said he has purchased 12-15 vehicles from Runde’s.
“They are real good to work with and you get good deals and good service,” he said.
He is considering trading it in for a Corvette or a Camaro.
“Just something different,” he said.
We will be sure to update you on his decision!

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