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Chevy Stars in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier


As one of the first BIG movies of 2014, Captain America: The Winter Soldier sold more than $246,043,328 at the box office. If you were one of the several that donated to that amount, and are a Chevy fan, maybe you’ve noticed the the massive amounts of GM vehicles displayed throughout the movie. Chevrolet made a deal with Disney’s Marvel Studios to give the Corvette, Tahoe, Silverado and Impala models co-starring roles in the film.


The deal was initiated when Steve Tihanyi (GM’s general director of branded entertainment) approached Disney and suggested Scarlet Johanson drive the seventh-generation Corvette. Mr. Tihanyi wanted to correlate the Corvette and Ms. Johansson’s sexy character, the Black Widow, in the viewers mind. “Ms. Johansson’s Black Widow is “technologically very savvy — and a beautiful-looking character,” said Mr. Tihanyi. “That all exemplifies what a Corvette is about. High-tech. Innovative. And performance-driven in a beautiful package.” When the film-makers agreed, the partnership between Marvel and GM was formed!

In addition to the Corvette, you’ll find Chevy cameo’s in the following scenes:

  • The Black Widow and Captain America pull up to an abandoned warehouse after going on a lengthy road-trip in a 2014 Silverado.
  • Sam Wilson (the Falcon), is pursued by the film’s villain (the Winter Soldier) while riding in a new Impala sedan.
  • By far the movie’s best chase sequence features Nick Fury driving a practically indestructible, armored Chevrolet Tahoe that gets put through the ringer with bullets, explosions and car crashes.


Along with some pristine product placement in the movie, Chevy also released a very popular commercial for the Traverse based on the Captain America Movie:


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