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Richard Cottrell – Knows Runde's is the Best Shot for Buying a Vehicle.


Richard Cottrell and his 2014 Traverse!

We recently had the honor of having Richard Cottrell of Dubuque, IA stop by the store to share his vehicle buying experience with us. Richard has been a long-time customer of Runde’s and is an absolute blast to chat with. As one of our valued and appreciated customers, we wanted to learn more about Richard and did a short interview with him.

Where are you from Richard?
I was back and forth between Epworth and Dubuque since I was young. Now I’m 74 and living in Dubuque. I’ll be turning 75 the first of May.

How long have you and your wife been together?
We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.

Remember your first date?
Me and a man called Less, and I won’t say his last name, met two girls one day. He married the one he was interested in but ended up getting a divorce. I married mine and have been together for 30 years now.

Any kids?
I had three kids before I got married. I have 4 great- grand kids and have a total of 7 grand kids.

tsI hear your like to participate in trapshooting?
Oh yeah. I have to sit on a bar stool now because I’ve lost my balance and have limited movement, though. I don’t have the ability to feel the sense falling because I’m missing a nerve in my feet, that’s why I’m always holding onto something or walking – I just can’t stop and stand. If I would have known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. I’m also part of the Dubuque Boat Club, there are a few members there from Runde dealership.

Where do you work?
I’m retired now. I remember working for the Pepsi Company and got fired for arriving two minutes late back in 1956. They were stern back in the day; they fired me for being two minutes late!

Do you go on vacation often?
I’ve been to Alaska Hawaii and Germany three times, Egypt twice and Switzerland once in Lichtenstein. You can see that place in half-a-day – its 3 1/2 by 17 miles. I flew over there and rented a brand new BMW to get around. I was on a three lane highway and was going 185km/hr and a Porche drove by me like I was nothing.

What vehicle did you end up buying?
I got a 2014 Chevy Traverse.

How long have you been dealing with Runde’s now?
I bought an ’03 and ’06 Duramax, 2005, 2008 and now this one.

Who was your salesman?
I used to deal with Wayne Konrardy and now deal with Mark. Mark is a great guy.

cfcHave any favorite restaurants from around the area?
Roadies, The Bar X, Eichman’s and Catfish Charlie’s.

How do you go about finding new vehicles?
We wanted something easy to get in and out of as well as something all-wheel drive. We tried a few vehicles that didn’t quite fit our needs right and finally found the Traverse for the best deal at Runde’s.

Would you recommend Runde’s to family and friends?
Oh yes. My brother in law works at another dealership but I still prefer to go to Runde’s.

Thanks Richard, enjoy the Traverse, we appreciate your business and friendship!

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