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Julien Film Festival Launch Party with Abigail Breslin!


Had a great time yesterday at the 2014 Julien Film Festival Launch Party! Check out the video below for some coverage of the event.

The first video features comedian Rell Battle and Dubuque Symphony Orchestra’s Maestro, Robert Tomaro,  as they join hosts, Michael Coty and Susan Gorrell. They talk about what you can expect to see at the festival and some insight behind the event.

In the second video, actress Abigail Breslin talks about being in Dubuque and her career.  Maria McDonald, title sponsor and founder of MOmentum Productions also shares some information behind her donation and her FUG sweater movie.


For more information, list of films, trailers and more about the Film Festival, please visit: http://julienfilmfest.com/

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