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Chevrolet MyLink Radio – The Tech You Should Know.


Have you ever heard a word that was thrown around quite a bit culturally but you never really understood what it meant? “Twerking” is an example that comes to mind – those not in the “know” are completely guessing what it could mean. Others have been taught, typically though some kind of popular outlet such as the media (Thanks Miley Cyrus!). In the car world “MyLink Radio” is one of those terms that most of you might not know and others have been blessed to discover.  For the former, this blog is for you.

General ScreenMyLink Radio was introduced to the 2012 model year and a vastly superior version continues to enhance Chevy vehicles today. MyLink (AKA Intellilink for GMC or Buick) is a GM “infotainment” system, or an interactive technology that combines radio, media, and phone controls in one easy to use location on your dash. This integrated feature is slowly redefining what a radio should be in your vehicle. Now, instead of being a static-filled box of limited stations or the storage location for your favorite CDs, the MyLink system is the radio a media hub for your music files. A streaming hub for your online music, an alternate to struggling with that map that never re-folds correctly, and a safety device to easily accommodate hands free use of your mobile device. Basically, Mylink makes driving worth the drive.

Pandora ShotThe first of several notable features of the MyLink system is its appearance. With either a 4.2” screen or an 8” touch screen, the MyLink takes center stage on your dashboard. It supports an easy to navigate “app-like” organization similar to your iPhone or Android device with several available home screens, and easy to locate icons for each of the program options. Both the touch and non-touch screen options have easy to use navigation knobs on the dash, in addition to convenient steering wheel controls. The 2014 Mylink further simplifies controls by being integrated to the center display of your speedometer/driver display area, allowing for the driver to glance-and-go without the distraction of the flashy dash control screen.

Next comes the apps. MyLink supports both the Stitcher and Pandora internet radio apps, and plans on further expanding connectivity to other radio apps. These great internet radio applications allow for a nearly unlimited selection of genres and genre combinations, fully customizable to the listener.
In addition to these great radio apps, the weather app will give you up-to-the minute weather reports, and can even utilize location information to pinpoint your area so you get the weather that is pertinent to you.

Steering Wheel ControlsBeyond having complete control of what you listen to as you drive and you have the weather information to get to your destination safely MyLink will also pair with your phone phone (via Bluetooth® technology)  making hands-free calling easy.  Now you can completely avoid getting a ticket from those laws in Iowa and Illinois that ban phone use while driving.  In addition to using your phone hands-free, you can use voice commands to call your phone contacts, and even set favorites for quick and easy access to your mom, spouse, or favorite carry-out location.

Another great feature equipped with some MyLink models is turn by turn directions. The navigation system is also able to pull addresses from your connected device or you can use voice recognition to say your destination.  After your destination is selected, multiple map views are available, and you can zoom in or out of the maps to get a better perspective of where you are on the map.

Finally, the MyLink system is easily customizable to the user’s desires. The owner can modify theme colors, app selections, and main menu layouts, with the availability of placing favorite music, contacts, or locations right on the main screen. This ability to customize your display makes the MyLink truly belong and customized to the driver.

For pricing/availability, swing in and see us at any of our 4 locations or give us a call so we can share this great new technology with you!

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