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Runde's BRAND NEW Community Support Truck for 2013!


Non-profit organizations need all the help they can get. Runde’s has been there to fulfill their transportation needs by supplying local non-profits with our community support truck. Since we started offering the truck to non-profits, it has been very well received by the business’s using them.

Throughout the years Runde’s has lent the truck to great businesses such as The Food Pantry, The American Red Cross, The American Heart Walk, St. Rose Church, The Salvation Army, Mrs. Ginter’s Thanksgiving Dinner and The East Dubuque Wing Fest, to name a few.

This year, we are excited to announce that we have a brand new Community Service Truck for all local non-profits to take advantage of. The truck is meant to help businesses, such as the ones listed prior,  with the transport of charitable goods and/or moving items and furniture with ease. With a huge 16′ x 85″ x 96″ Box and a Hydraulic Tommy lift, business’s have lots of space and the luxury of easy truck loading/unloading.

If you are interested in using the truck please contact Lisa at (866) 735-5200 at Runde Chevrolet for details.

Check out the new truck below!

For more pictures and information go to:  https://www.rundeautogroup.com/custom.cfm?id=10


IMG_0765  IMG_0767   IMG_0771  IMG_0773

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