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Jake Meyer of Runde Chevy – Not the Typical "Salesman"

Jake Meyer joined the Runde Family recently and we want to share him with our great community! Read on to meet this great native of Dubuque and loving family man. He’s eager to show you how buying a new car can be stress free and fun!

Jake Meyer bigAre you from the Dubuque area?
Yes, I’ve been here all of my life, so about 34 years. My wife and her family are from around here as well so that’s a huge connection as far as why we want to stay around the area.

How long have you been married?
Just over 4 years.

Any kids?
We have a 3-year-old. His name is Blake.

Any pets?
Couple of dogs. One’s a boxer the other is kind of a mix. I had them before I met my wife so they were kind of inherited into the family which she wasn’t too happy about.

Did she learn to like them over time?
Yes and no… They are kind of a hassle anytime we need to leave or anything like that since we need to find a babysitter.

spaceDo you remember your first date with your wife?
Yes. We actually got connected through MySpace back when that was popular. We were kind of friends of friends. We actually went to the same high school but didn’t know each other but happened to have some of the same friends. She came across my picture and we started talking and decided to meet up and it all kind of flourished from there. Nothing ever worked out before her, I just found the right person.

What do you guys like to do around the area?
Our lives have been pretty busy. I was working 60-70 hours per week at my prior job and didn’t have a lot of free time. Now we’re looking forward to doing a lot more social activities.

Do you like any particular vehicle make or model?
I’ve always been a car guy. I grew up in cars since my dad was an auto mechanic. We’ve always built and restored cars over the years. We have one right now that my brother and dad are taking to a show next month. I like all cars though.

Is that something you still do?
Not as much as before but I’d love to get back into it if the money and time allows it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
If I do have any free-time I hang out with my son, otherwise I play sports games on my PS3. But If I get more free-time I’d love to go golfing more and do other things.

Photo by buddawiggi on flickr.com

What led you into Runde Auto Group in the first place?
Fortunately, I got introduced into sales from my previous experiences. I saw Runde’s had an ad and decided to try it out. From day one I was really impressed by Runde’s and how they presented themselves. That’s what really attracted me to Runde’s – the people that work here and the family environment.

If you were to send out a message to all of your potential future customers, what would you like to say?
The one thing that I can promise that is in my control is that I will give them the best service possible and actually enjoy their experience of looking for a new car. I think that is what most people fear is that they are dealing with a “salesman” of sorts that isn’t out for their best interests. I certainly want to take that fear out of them with my own personality and the way I present myself. I want to show them that buying a new car can be a lot of fun.

Favorite Restaurant?
Vinny Vanucchi’s in Galena is my Wife and I’s “go to” place. We’ve been to the Dubuque location once but it’s just the whole atmosphere of the Galena location that takes us back there time and again.


Do you go anywhere else around the area for recreation?
One thing we like to do, at least once a year, is go to a baseball game. I’m a Cubs fan and my wife’s a Brewers fan so we try to get up to Milwaukee to watch a game. The packers are the one team that we both agree on so we are both excited to have our Sunday’s off together so we can catch the game.

Any nice vacations planned?
Coming up in August my sister is getting married in Hawaii so we’ll be going to that.

Have you been on many vacations in the past?
My wife and I have been able to go to the Bahamas, Punta Cana and Coba Mexico. We love going to the tropics and having a relaxing week.

What do you think is the most important invention created in the last 20 years?
I’d probably say the microchip. It has been in so many devices that we depend on these days. It has made our lives a lot easier but also a little lazier.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
The first thing is paying off our debt. It’s tough anymore with student loans and everything else. Other than that, we’d love to get a bigger home. Then give back to those that have helped us through the years. We’d give to charities and volunteer groups. I had a heart-attack about 15 months ago so I’d love to give back to the heart association.

A heart-attack!? That must have been very scary.
It wasn’t the case where I was flopping on the ground or anything like that. But since then my entire family has changed our lifestyle. We are all losing weight and eating healthier.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I would just like to invite anyone to come on out and get to know the real me.

And I’m sure they’d be pleasantly surprised by the person they came to meet! Welcome to the team Jake!

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