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Proud to be Sitting on Food – How Ford Is Eco and Leaves Nothing BEHIND!

grn seats

SoyseatDrop the “R” and and another “O” and instead of “Ford” you get “Food”. Coincidence? I think not. The two actually go hand in hand! Here’s something you may not know: the material that the comfy seats found in Ford Vehicles are actually composed with Soybeans! The “soy foam” used in the seats is a mixture of soy oils and other materials bringing an eco-friendly alternative to the rather dated petroleum based foams that were used.

The introduction to this wonder-foam was first realized on the 2008 Mustang. Now EVERY Ford Vehicle uses the foam which is about 5 million pounds of soybean oil.  What’s the benefit? A huge plus is that the foam reduces c02 emissions by about 20 million pounds every year and it doesn’t stink like the Petroleum foam!

soyseatfThe foam easily meets all specifications for durability and performance and has become the standard. This news would make Henry Ford a happy camper. Back in the 40’s Henry Ford believed in working with farmers and bonding industry with farming would be beneficial for both – good call Henry.

Another awesome seat related tidbit that might have slipped you by:  Ford offers ultra-luxurious seats with internal air bladders that inflate and are completely controllable by voice, or manual command. These “multi-contour” seats also have climate control features such as heat and air-conditioning and can even give you a massage!

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