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Unveiling of 2014 Camaro & Z/28 Returns!

2014 Camaro z28What’s more exciting than the return of a classic? For Chevy and Camaro Lovers, today was an extremely exciting day as the 2014 Camaro as well as the 2014 Camaro Z/28 (dubbed: Code Word HP) were announced. The reveal was announced by GM’s North American chief, Mark Reuss which was filled with enthusiasm about the powerful lineup Chevrolet is coming out with.

2014 CamaroThe 2014 Camaro has a redesigned exterior inspired by the track. The front fascia has a larger, low opening for improved cooling and reduced drag. They also improved aerodynamic balance. SS Models have a functional hood vent that reduces lift for increased stability at high speed. To top it all off the inside sports new performance seats by Recaro.

z28 2The announcement that made everyone jump up in glee was the unveiling of the Z/28 Camaro. The z/28 is set up for track perfection with a high Revving, naturally aspirated Small Block LS7 v8 with an estimated 500HP & 470ft-lb Torque. It has a standard rear differential cooler, transmission cooler, brake coolers and carbon-ceramic brakes made specifically for track use with no fade.

They took out as much as weight as possible by ripping out the truck carpet and insulation, thinner glass for the rear window, AC optional and they took out all of the speakers except for one which is required by law to play safety warning chimes.

“The new Z/28 was as much an effort of love within General Motors, where it has so many fans that some employees came to New York to see the unveiling, as it is among loyal Camaro owners”. “They’re legendary cars,” says Mark Reuss.



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