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Dan Ouimet – Enjoying Travel so Much Better in His New F-150!

Dan Ouimet came in to buy a brand new ’13 Ford F-150 from our Manchester Salesman, Aaron Young. While he was here he got to experience, first hand, the great Runde experience we provide to our customers. Dan enjoyed his experience so much that he was willing to let the world know how good he was treated by Runde’s by doing a short interview.

2013 f150

How would you rate your experience on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst?
We would rate our experience at 10. We felt we were treated fairly and courteously. We were allowed time to think about the vehicle as a major purchase without any of the high pressure, oily approaches we’ve dealt with in the past.

Aaron Young -  Dan's Salesman.

Aaron Young – Dan’s Salesman.

What did you think of your salesman?
Our salesman, Aaron Young, was friendly and outgoing and seemed to enjoy what he did. Aaron was diligent in keeping us informed as we debated the major purchase of a new vehicle. However, Aaron’s diligence never came across as “pushy”.

For instance, Aaron let us know about after-market paint treatments, etc. but didn’t pursue them when we let him know we weren’t interested. This is vastly different from an experience we had at Toyota with a salesman who kept trying to sell us the “benefits” of an extended warranty. We also felt Aaron was fair in pricing our trade in as well as in explaining potential rebates, deadlines, etc.

Where are you from and have you always lived in that area?
We have lived in Spring Green, WI for about 18 years.

Are you married or have kids?
My wife and I have a daughter. Our family is rounded out with two dogs and a cat.

What are your past times / hobbies?
Our number one leisure activity is travel. The new truck we purchased will be used for camping.

Do you (and/or your family) have a favorite vacation spot or have a place you’d like to go?
Our favorite vacation spot is Yellowstone National Park followed by just about any national park in the west.

What led you to Runde’s in the first place and what factors led you to purchase your vehicle from us?
We were referred to Runde Auto Group by my father who resides in Janesville, WI. He priced a new Chevrolet in Janesville and saved substantially by making the drive over to Runde Auto Group in East Dubuque. We initially set out for that location by mistake as well but continued on to Manchester.

It ended up being about a two-hour ride for us, but in the end we are happy we did. Our experiences shopping closer to home in Madison have run the gamut of dealing with overly solicitous to overly pushy to indifferent sales folks. Aaron Young at Runde in Manchester just came across as a straight forward, decent person.

Would you recommend Runde’s to friends and family?
We would definitely recommend Runde to friends and family. We are considering a return to buying domestic for our next sedan. We are considering the Ford Fusion and when we are ready, we will probably make the drive to Manchester again.

Thank you very much for all the great comments, Dan! From all of us at Runde Auto Group – we wish you and your family the best and hope you continue to enjoy the new truck!

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