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2013 Julien Film Festival Reveal Event! FREE!

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Those of you who had the privilege and joy of going to the Julien International Film Festival last year (it’s inaugural year) know that it’s something to be excited for. The 2012 event invited others to see the great nature of Dubuque and it’s people as well as gave Dubuque an outlet to let the rest of the world intimately share itself within the confines of our backdoor. From mingling with film directors, producers, actors and fellow film enthusiasts and novices alike to viewing some of the best films to hit the screen… it was a place for everybody and everybody loved it.

The 2013 Festival is just around the corner (April 4-7) and, as last year, there will be a Reveal Event that will be held at the Hotel Julien Grand Ballroom on Thursday, March 7th @ 5:30pm-8:30pm. You can expect to see several details of the upcoming festival including: who’s coming, an outline of the festival, focus on the film lineup as well as a special community and sponsor acknowledgement.

Come on by, chat and mingle with community members and film enthusiasts, and learn more about the upcoming film festival… for Free. Seems like a no brainer!

As a Reminder:

2013 Julien Film Festival Reveal Event!

Cost: FREE
Time: THURSDAY MARCH 5:30-8:30

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