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What GM Stands For… Other than General Motors…

GM logoHaving a Job is a necessary thing (…for most of us, at least), we all need cash to support our lives and the lives of those with us. To some people a job is just a means to get money, others really take in their job and care about bettering the company they work for and believe in that company’s mission. I would hope to think that most workers would care about what their company stands for and what they do beyond making money. Better yet, to have a company that reaches out to communities and helps, not only in monetary ways, but also by physically lending a hand.

GM is one of those companies. Since its beginning, GM has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to educational organizations, American charities, and to disaster relief efforts worldwide. Just recently they donated $ 1 million to Habitat for Humanity to help neighborhoods in Arlington and Austin, Texas; Atlanta; Baltimore; Chicago; Denver; Detroit and Lansing, Mich.; Los Angeles; Nashville; New Orleans and Phoenix.

“This grant will help construct healthier neighborhoods and an improved sense of community,” said GM Director of Corporate Relations, Vivian Pickard. “In addition to the Foundation’s grant, our team GM Cares employee volunteers will help low-income families rebuild and restore their homes and participate in other vital community projects.”

Through the years, GM and it’s inspired employees grow on their continued effort to volunteer through donation, home repair and rehabilitation, weatherization efforts and more. Last December, Chevrolet donated 24 Express cargo vans to Habitat for Humanity and created their first fleet of mobile response units. Volunteers filled the Chevrolet vehicles with tools and materials and are currently assisting with Hurricane Sandy response efforts in New York and New Jersey.“General Motors has already joined Habitat for Humanity to address a critical need following Hurricane Sandy,” said Larry Gluth, senior vice president of US & Canada operations for Habitat for Humanity International. “Today, the company is building on its commitment, and we are very grateful to the GM Foundation for its generosity.”

It’s this type of company someone should be honored to work for. The people purchasing GM products should be proud to support a company that goes above and beyond what’s expected of them. It’s a great mix of quality products and outstanding community support that makes GM the total package.

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