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Check out the new 2014 Silverado Microsite with its new "Build your Truck" Feature

keyChevrolet recently launched their new microsite within Chevrolet’s main page that will allow customers to build out their future truck.  The actual trucks won’t hit our lot until this summer, but you can go Chevrolet.com and figure out how you’d like your next Silverado equipped and spec it out online.  It will pretty much provide you with everything except for pricing (GM hasn’t released exact pricing yet).

If you have a few free minutes, check it out … take a look around … see what you like:  http://www.chevrolet.com/new2014silverado/#/build  — the page takes about a minute to load, but it’s worth the wait.

2014 Silverado page

There are many other cool features such as informative videos and overviews on the truck’s new technology.  So give it a go and take a virtual ride in your new truck.

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