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Peosta Days – Fun for the Whole Family

If you noticed fireworks lighting up the western skies this past Friday, what you were probably witnessing was part of the festivities for the Annual Peosta Parade and Fun Day.   The sixth annual Peosta Days event was held in conjunction with the Annual Fireman’s Auction and the extravaganza promised something for kids of all ages.

Friday’s events included the brilliant fireworks, skydivers, good food & drinks and live music featuring the band Hard Salami.

On Saturday, the Peosta Days Parade took place and Doug Weig and his wife Angela were able to get some great shots of the Runde Chevrolet truck they drove in the parade.  It started at Mi-T-M and it ended up at the Peosta Rec Center.

Doug said that it was a good time for everyone.   But the most intriguing event was one that I had never heard of … Cow Pie Bingo.  Doug said that he wanted to play, but it was too late and all of the available plots had been sold.  I guess it involves a pen that’s divided up into 100 plots which are sold for $20 each.  The cow is let loose in the pen and if he/she drops a nice cow pie on your square, you’re be the lucky winner of all or part of the $1000 prize.  I had to look up this sport on YouTube to see if any Peostans recorded this for all to see.  Unfortunately, the Peosta version wasn’t posted, but there was another example of Cow Pie Bingo on the Tube that we couldn’t resist sharing.  Check it out below.

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