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Julien International Film Festival Dubuque

The Julien International Film Festival promises to be a real treat to the Tri-State Area. Among the many things you will take away from the festival, it will offer entertainment and education opportunities to help promote creativity for everyone and provide a positive economic impact to the community.

JIFFD: When, Where, What:

  • 4 Days: April 19th – 23rd, 2012 – Downtown Dubuque
  • 120 Independent Films
  • Over 100 Film Makers
  • 30 Participating Countries
  • Meet the Film Makers, Join panel discussions, Attend the Gala’s & View GREAT Films!
  • Youth Film Classes & Programs

The four day event takes place inside various venues in downtown Dubuque, IA.
Imagine walking downtown, popping into a building to watching a totally unique, independent, flick then coming out to talk directly to the film makers before going to the next venue to catch another flick. That’s what the Festival is all about – getting that feeling of being surrounded by great films, people that have a passion for cinema and an environment that you cannot replicate outside of the event.

Throughout the days there will be numerous film screening events, gala receptions, programs for youth, and much, much more. To get a better idea of what you can expect from the festival, check out our extensive video interview with with Michael Coty and Christopher Kulovitz, the executive directors of the first annual Julien International Film Festival Dubuque.

Click the following link to see the exclusive video interview!
Runde Auto Group JIFFD Coverage

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