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Happy 100 Years, Chevrolet.

2011 officially marks the 100th year for Chevrolet. 100 years is quite a bit of time for any business to stay up and running. But boy, is it running smooth. Through the years Chevrolet has become a leader in the automotive industry and only shows signs of growing stronger. Lets take a look back to see how it all started.

William Durant - The Man Who Started it All

GM was started by automotive marketer William C. Durant in 1908. Through the years Durant took notice of the famous racer, Louis Chevrolet, as he set the land-speed record in 1905 for reaching 111 MPH in a special open race car. Durant hired Chevrolet to do big races and promotional drives for his company.

Being cast out from the company he founded, Durant left GM in 1910 and got together with Mr. Chevrolet and some of his partners to make a new car. Believing that Chevrolet’s fame as a racer would help sell the car, the name “Chevrolet” was used and the Chevrolet company was introduced in 1911 and its first car, the Series C Classic Six was produced as a higher end (price comparable to $50,000 in today’s market) vehicle with a 4.9L, six-cylinder engine producing 40 horsepower.

To appeal to a broader segment, the Chevrolet company produced the “Little” (later renamed as the Model L) which was a more affordable, entry level vehicle, yet had great features for it’s price. This is the strategy that put Chevrolet ahead of the competition even today; great value. Getting more than you would think possible for the amount you are spending.
These were the first steps of success for a company that has, so far, lasted a century. Since then Chevrolet has always been on top of advancing the vehicles in the automotive market. Take, for example, the Chevrolet Volt – the first of it’s kind to offer the consumer a safe, enjoyable ride while not having to worry about the rising gas prices thanks to it’s hybrid battery operation. Proof that even after 100 years Chevrolet has even more than before to show the world.

Random Fact:

Chevrolet first used its “Bowtie emblem” logo in 1913 which is said to have been inspired from wallpaper Durant saw in a French hotel.


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