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2011 Chicago Auto Shows Hottest Item? A ’70’s Sofa-Mobile.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sofa-Mobile

A sofa has never seen this much attention since the friend who said he’d “only-stay-for-a-week-and-would-just-bum-on-your-couch” and-ended-up-staying-for-a-year, scenario happened.

Suzuki got their creative gears grinding and created a slew of interesting and funny commercials in their new advertising campaign. Basically it take’s their greatly reviewed and over-all great car, the Kizashi, faces it off versus a competitor in its class and then against a ridiculous opponent, like, say a bubble wrapped suit:


At the 2011 Chicago Auto Show Suzuki took one of its ridiculous competitors and brought it with them for the crowed to physically and personally compare the two. It turned a lot of heads and had people wondering what the heck a ’70’s sofa was doing at an auto show?

This bad boy was fully operational, and seemed to go pretty fast… for a sofa. Here’s some official specs (from Suzuki) the sofa offered to show off to curious inquisitors:

“This 1970s-era sofa commissioned by American Suzuki retains its original synthetic trim finished in a fashionable tan and brown plaid motif. The sofa is complete with small tears and frayed stitching to meet Suzuki’s overall design intent. The sofa also features a variety of loose coins, cookie crumbs and pocket lint resting just beneath the seat cushions. The steering wheel is comfortably positioned at the center of the sofa, making ingress and egress easy for passengers looking to accompany the driver on casual journeys. The throttle pedal is unmistakable in that it features a custom bare foot shape finished in chrome-plated metal with black accents.”

Steven Younan, director of marketing and product planning for American Suzuki Automotive Operations adds, “We knew our Kizashi would prevail against this formidable competitor. It was just a matter of proving it on the blacktop.”

Check out the famous Suzuki Couch Commercial below as well as another hilarious commercial from their “vs.” campaign, the Kizashi vs. a Limousine:



Since we are on the topic of funny video’s and Suzuki, check out their Super Bowl Commercial which pits Suzuki versus a fleet of evil and angry snowmen.


And no, this does not mean that if you get a Kizashi a horde of evil snowmen will be trying to take you out… but if that were to happen, you will be well prepared because you are in a Kizashi.

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