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Troy and April Hutson – A long way from home

Troy and April Hutson

Troy and April Hutson

Troy and April Hutson drove a long way this past week to come and buy their new truck from Runde Chevrolet.  In the time between signing paperwork and starting out for home, they were benevolent enough to give us a little extra time to ask them some questions about their lives and about their recent experience at Runde’s.

What kind of vehicle did you buy?  We bought a new 2011 Silverado 2500 HD.

2011 Silverado 3/4-ton HD

You’re from Sandwich, IL – how far is that from Runde’s?  
It’s about 180 miles and it took us almost three hours to get here.

Have you always lived in that area?
Troy:  I have.  I was born in Sandwich and pretty much lived there my whole life.
April: I wasn’t born in Sandwich, but I’ve lived in that area most of my life.     

What is Sandwich or that area of Illinois famous for or best know for?
The Sandwich Fair.  It’s the biggest county fair in the state of Illinois — we go to it every year.

What do you do for a living there?
Troy:  I work for a … basically like a farm services place.  A co-op?  Right.  It’s an independant fertilizer dealership.
April: I work for an insurance company.

 Do you want to throw out any shouts about your companies to advertise them.
April: No.(laughing)   Troy:  (also laughing)They’re probably a little too far away to do any good.

Do you have kids?  Paxton is our daughter — she’s 11 and Garrett is our son — he’s 9.       

Any pets?  We have a cat and a dog … our dog is a boxer/pit mix.  Sounds like a very muscular dog. Yep, his name is Ranger and he’s actually a big baby … a big lap dog.

Do you have a favorite hang-out spot in Sandwich or the surrounding area?  We don’t really have a hang out spot.  I’d have to say our house.

If you could own your dream vehicle, what would that be?  Troy: My dream vehicle actually would be a Chevy Suburban 3/4-ton four-wheel-drive.    April:  I’d just say the most expensive BMW.

Bianchi's Pizza

What’s your favorite restaurant and how often do you eat there?  Bianchi’s Pizza Place in Ottowa, IL.  It’s a little bit south of Sandwich and we try to get there when we can.

When you have supper at home, is it definitely “table time” or is it head-to-the-living-room-time and all is well as long as no one spills on the couch or carpet?   Table time.

Sam or Martha?

If someone does spill something on the floor at your house, do you handle it calmly with a Martha Stewart type voice or do you fly off the handle like Sam Kinnison would?  April: No comment (laughs).  Troy: I guess that could go either way. It depends on the situation and if they were horsing around or if it was a legitimate accident.

Favorite movie of all-time?  April: The Notebook.   Troy: Smokey and the Bandit I guess, but it’s not quite the same when they edit it for TV.

What did you think of the Super Bowl?  We wanted Pittsburg to win – not the Packers.  We’re Bears fans and we’re waiting for next season.

What did you think about Jay Cutler not playing the whole game in the NFC Championship game against the Packers? 

I don’t know.  Supposedly the Bears medical staff pulled him out of the game.  I mean if he was really hurt bad, that’s one thing.  Looked like he was walking pretty good a couple days lated when the news showed him shopping out in California with his girlfriend.  It didn’t look like he was limping too bad.  It ain’t the end of the world, we’re used to it.  I guess it’s kind of like rooting for the Cubs (laughs).

Have any special plans yet for Valentines Day?  No, not really.        Will you go out on an actual “date”?  Oh, we might.

Can you tell us how and when you met?  Troy: Technically the first time we met was at my house, but she had a boyfriend at that time.  And the next time we met, believe or not, was in a bank parking lot.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience here?  Well we found your trucks on AutoTrader and we called up.  I was originally thinking about buying a used truck, but we ended up with a new truck.  We got along with your salesman (Al Kloft) so well that we didn’t mind driving the three hours to get here.  We’re glad we found Runde’s and very happy with our new truck.

Troy and April preparing for the drive home

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