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The Runde Mobile Website — Give it a go.

Doesn’t it seem that time seems to speed up as you get older?   Time seemed to stand still when I was 10 years old — I really wish it was that way for me  now.  Doesn’t it seem like you grow busier with the coming of each successive year?

I attended a social media seminar in Chicago last month and one of the spokespeople there was from Cars.com.  The Cars.com website has been around since 1998 and is generally considered one of the two biggest online car shopping sites.

During a presentation, the Cars.com rep asked how many dealers had a mobile website (which is basically an alternate version of a website optimized for mobile devices).   Not every website has an alternate version that’s optimized for these devices… and judging from the results of the question, not many dealers have a mobile site. There were hundreds of dealer reps in the room when the Cars.com rep posed the question.  Only a few hands went up.

 Doesn’t it seem like you have more to do this year that you had to do last year? The character Brooks from the movie Shawshank Redemption said, “The world went and got itself in a big &@%# hurry.”  He was right.  When we need something, we need it now. ATM’s,  fast food, microwave ovens, online shopping and cell phones with internet access.  The information highway can now be taken with you wherever you go.

So why wouldn’t a company want to maximize their advertising potential by making their products easy to view on mobile websites? That’s exactly what Runde’s wants for its customers who are on the go.  That’s why we created a mobile website about two and a half years ago.

You can view this mobile website at www.RundeAutoGroup.com/mobile – the set up is simple and it is optimized to be easily viewable on small screens.  And when you bring up photos of vehicles, only one photo per page is displayed.  Easy to use and convenient … who could ask for anything more???

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