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Chevy Volt Wins Motor Trend Car of the Year!

If you haven’t been in the know, then you’d be excited to know that Motor Trend has placed its highest honor to none other than the Chevrolet Volt. Winning the Motor Trend Car of the Year (COTY) is no easy task. With 21 vehicles to compete with and a week of intensive testing on various roads and conditions the Volt proved, time and again, that it was the leader of the group. The following video shows the testing they put these vehicles through and what they look for in their pick for Car of the Year .


With most COTY winners Motor Trend generally has something nice to say about their pick as the best, but I have never heard them say a vehicle is “One of the most ground-breaking vehicles Motor Trend has tested in sixty years” which is what they praised about the Volt. Check out the following video to see why they picked the Volt as the best Car of the Year.


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