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In a Pinch? Need a new car quick? Talk with Brian!

Going about our daily business here at Runde’s, we pretty much know everyone we work with so it’s pretty obvious when a new face pops up wearing a Runde shirt. This happened again a few weeks again.  After finally figuring out that this reoccurring face was not just an extremely loyal customer who loved wearing Runde garments, we seized up the opportunity to interview our newest employee, Brian Pinch.  

What do you do here at Runde’s?  

I’m a sales consultant here for new Chevy vehicles.  

How long have you worked here?  

I’ve been here just a few weeks now.  

Are you originally from the area?  

I’m originally from Dubuque and lived here most of my life.  I lived in Cedar Rapids until fourth grade.  

What is your best experience at Runde’s to date?  

My best experience really is just working with management and having other employees point me in the right direction.  Everyone is very helpful and has the great characteristics of good customer service.  

What are your past times / hobbies?  

I like to mountain bike, really any form of racing.  I really enjoy vehicles.  


Not married.           


No kids either             


Just a fish named Molly  

Do you have a favorite hang-out spot in the Tri-state area?  

Um, my favorite hang-out spot. I like anything involved with the Mississippi, fishing and boating.  

If you could own your dream vehicle, what would that be?  

I’d have to say the Z06 out there is pretty cool.  

What’s your favorite restaurant in the area?  

I don’t know if I have a favorite, I really like different types of food.  So I have a favorite for every ethnicity.  I like Fiesta Cancun for Mexican and I’m a big steak eater, so I’d have to say the Three Mile House (just up the hill from Runde’s).  

Lightning Round:  

Bears, Packers or Vikings?  


Brett Favre … yes or no?  

Nope.  No Brett Favre for this guy.  

Matrix or Lord of the Rings?  

The Matrix  

Favorite comedian?  

Ah, that’s a tough one.  I’d have to say Bob Goldthwait, he’s old school.  

Peanut butter M&M’s or Reeces Pieces?  

Reeces Pieces, that’s a tough one too.  

Happy Joes or Pizza Ranch?  

Happy Joes for sure!  

Apartment, ranch style house, farm, or van down by the river?  

Um, a farm.  

When you have supper at home, is it definitely “table time” or is it head-to-the-living-room-time and all is well as long as no one spills on the couch or carpet?  


What’s your most memorable experience within the past five years?  

I’d have to say four-wheeling in the mountains.  

Favorite movie of all-time?  

Good Will Hunting  

Favorite movie this year?  

You know what? I can’t say that I have one.  

 Do you have any cool scars?      

Yes I have lots of scars from not growing out of childhood, mostly from bicycles and motorcycles.   

Do you consider the glass half full or half empty  … or do you consider the person who left it sitting out there half-witted for not cleaning up after themselves?  

I’d probably consider them dim-witted for not cleaning up after themselves.  

Where’s the first place you will travel to when you win the lottery?  

The first place I’d probably travel would be St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  

We heard that you were out in Colorado for a while.  Where were you at and what did you do out there?  

I lived in Lake Wood and Breckinridge.  Lake Wood is a suburb of Denver.  I worked for an aerospace company and did a lot of playing in the mountains and skiing.  

Who do you think is going to win the super bowl this year?  

Well, if the Bears don’t do it, the Broncos will.  I would love to say that Green Bay and Minnesota will not be anywhere near the end.  That’s my conclusion.  

If you could have anyone in history as a teacher for a year, who would you choose and why?  

Um, I think I would choose to have someone like Thomas Edison because he was such and innovator and forward thinker.  

What is the invention that has most impacted your life?  

I suppose in my lifetime, the cell phone has impacted my life quite a bit, just because of the technology.  

What’s in the cd player of your car right now?  

There’s probably about ten discs in there and it’s all heavy metal right now.  

Favorite singer?  

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Kenny Chesney.  Yep, I’m proud enough to say that.  

What is your promise to all of your future customers at Runde’s?  

To give them my best.  To provide really good customer service and make sure that when someone leaves here — that they leave happy.  

Thanks for giving us a moment of your time. It is great to have you on board!  


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