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Diana, Robert and Poco Hedtke – Bravehearted folks

Diana, Robert and Poco Hedtke

Diana, Robert and Poco Hedtke

Diana, Robert and little Poco Hedtke recently moved back from Thailand after doing missionary work for 3 years. After arriving at their current home in Atkins, IA they were hungry to get a Duramax diesel powered truck that suited their needs so that they could hit the roadways for some well deserved trips. There was only one problem for these fine folks – no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find any Duramax that had what they needed at a price they couldn’t argue with. That is, until they found Runde’s website…

What brought you to Runde’s today?
We have been looking for a Chevrolet Duramax but couldn’t find anything in our price bracket that was available. Then, just this morning, I came across your website and discovered a number of Duramax’s available.

Dubuque IA Chevrolet

This is where all the magic started.

How did you end up at our website?
I Googled “Chevy Dealerships – Dubuque” and the first one that came up for me was Runde’s. From there I went to the site, and it was very useful. Everything was very easy to find in your inventory and we ended up finding exactly what we wanted – the truck we’ve been looking for, for weeks. We sent out an email when we first found the truck that matched our needs, but we were too excited for the truck, so we just headed your way after sending the email without waiting for a response. There will probably an email for us when we get back.

Are you guys from around the area?
We are from Clintonville, WI. Near Green Bay. Recently we moved back from Thailand from doing missionary work for 3 years. It was a fascinating time.

While we were in Bangkok we decided to buy a house back in the states. I had previously served Atkins Iowa as their Pastor in the Lutheran Church at St. Stevens from ’76-’85 so we found a house in that area online and bought it through the internet. Lots of people have been looking through the house and we just had pictures, but that was good enough for us so we bought it and had a home to go to when we got out of Thailand.

Wow, so you are pretty keen on the online shopping deal, huh?
Yeah, it’s just more convenient for some things. Like your site – you had the mileage and pricing and everything on there, it was very helpful.

What Duaramax did you end up getting?
We got 2007 Silverado Diesel Extended cab.

What will the vehicle be used for?
Mostly for hauling. We hope to buy a fifth wheel and do some touring in retirement.

Where do you plan to go?
…We have no idea. down South, West… a lot of members of our church go to Texas, the Alamo and whatnot; we’d also like to go to Portland out west to visit my brother that lives there.

Any vacation spots that you’re heading for?
We are heading to Tucson Arizona very soon.

Sounds like you guys are going to be active in your retirement. Sounds like a lot of adventures and fun.
Yes, we are looking forward to it.

Your Salesperson was Dave Smith, what did you think about Dave?
Oh, Excellent. He is a very intuitive man, he knew right away what we were looking for, and was overall a great help. We give him a 10/10.

Your overall experience with Runde’s was pretty good then?
Oh it was great. On a 1-10 we’d give it a 10. Everybody we worked with was very helpful.

And who is the little guy here?
Her name is Poco, she’s six months old now. She loves people.

Schnoodle Dog

Poco the Schnoodle

What breed is she exactly?
She’s a Schnoodle – a Schnauzer and a Poodle.

Wow, She seems very well behaved. I had a neighbor that had one and it would bark and moan nonstop. Poco hasn’t made a peep.

Oh, you’ve heard of Schnoodles? We’ve never even heard of them before we researched them online. But yeah, she is well behaved. We actually researched dogs on the internet before we got her, just like most other things it seems, ha-ha.

Do you guys watch movies?
Oh yes. I like action films. I just saw Gladiator and Bravehart – I like those kinds of things. We signed up for Direct TV so we have movies coming in all the time.

Do you guys remember meeting each other?
Oh yeah. We went to the same high school together in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Our families knew each other pretty well. Clintonville is a smaller town of about 4,500 people so everyone knew each other.

We lined another couple up for a homecoming date and that left us sitting there. So I asked her what she was doing and she said ‘nothin so I asked her if she wanted to do ‘nothin together and here we are 41 years later and still doing ‘nothin.

So you would recommend Runde’s to friends and family?
Yes, definitely. What’s nice about it is that you guys have so many makes where as most other dealers doesn’t have that much variety. I was surprised and impressed to see that you guys have over 1,200 vehicles in stock. Once I saw all the options we wanted in a Duramax on your site, which I can’t stress enough is REALLY rare to come by, I had to come down.

If there was one invention you couldn’t live without, what would it be?
I don’t know anymore, if I had to say, though, it’d have to be the computer. When we lived in Bangkok we were cut off from family and friends and everything, it was kind of lonely. But with the computer we got to connect to our family and loved ones via Skype and email and whatnot. It really helped us get through.

Do you have any favorite artists or bands?
I love the Big Band music. We grew up in the 60’s with the beetles, Dave Clarke V and the Beach Boys – those kinds of bands, and we like them as well.
Diana: I like piano music as well.

Do you play yourself?

She does, she just doesn’t say it, she’s very modest.
Well I play with one hand, maybe.

Thanks for stopping by, Good luck with all of your future adventures, sounds like you got quite a bit of them ahead of you. I wish you guys all the best and thanks for thinking Runde’s!

It was our pleasure, I assure you.


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