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From the Runde Mail Bag



We are very very pleased with our 2009 Traverse. It is by far one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever driven. We have been on 3 road trips and love how it handles the road!! Sure hope this Traverse lasts us a long time! We love it!!!! Thank you for making it possible when we came to see you!! I also want you to know how impressed we are with Runde’s! Awesome people and awesome service! Keep it up! Take care!
Paul and Ellen S. of Dubuque, IA

Runde Auto East Dubuque

We still have the Jeep Commander and all is well with it. Best vehicle and experience we’ve ever had. I have extended numerous compliments to Runde for Dave Frazier’s exceptional customer service.
Larry R. of Morrison, IL

I would like to thank sales associate Mark Fleege for his help in picking out our new Chevrolet Silverado. LOVE the truck. We have purchased a vehicle before through Mark and he is one of the main reasons we returned to Runde. His help was nothing short of excellent. We are very happy with the vehicle and would recommend runde to other prospective buyers. I put the mud flaps on yesterday. Boy, was that the trick. Only I can take a 20 minute job and turn it into 2 hours. I would also like to compliment the person who is responsible for the Runde Website. It was very helpful in selecting a vehicle.
Robert K. of Sabula, IA

Runde Chevrolet Panorama
I am extremely pleased with the Equinox … I purchased it sight unseen except for over the website, because of my son’s and Tim Runde’s recommendation. They both certainly did a good job in selecting this auto for me, and I am looking forward to showing it to my son when he returns from his elk hunt in Wyoming.
Shirley C. of South Beloit, IL

Runde Chevy East Dubuque

Runde was a very pleasant experience for purchasing a car. The whole time was very professional, caring and easy people to work with through the whole process.
Steve K. of Pearl City, IL


Runde Auto Group Al Kloft

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