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2010 Buick LaCrosse – It Will Survive Because of the Have-to-Have Factor


Some cars you see and think “that looks nice” to be unpleasantly surprised by how dreadfully dull the interior is or how you think you got a better drive in the ’88 Olds Regency Elite you had when you were 16. Sometimes a car doesn’t seem worth its sticker price. But, on occasion, a car comes out and after you take it for a spin you think (regardless of any research) “I “HAVE TO HAVE” this”. This is that car folks, the 2010 LaCrosse.

I was there, watching its birth though my monitor; though it’s unveiling, production, and various demonstration videos. Speculating its performance and awesomeness from afar.  And finally it was time to put my high expectations of the LaCrosse to the test. When I sat in the driver’s seat, it was like butter.  I had obviously been driving around in a tub of margarine all my life, but this was pure butter — 100% natural.  It’s kind of hard to put down on paper — so for you, I’d say it’s a “Got To See” it sort of thing.  But for me, it’s definitely become a “Have To Have” issue.

This is the NEW Buick, there’s no doubt about that.  The interior justifies the saying, ‘You get what you pay for”, but in this case there will be no regret and no buyers remorse because I think you actually get a lot more than sum you pay.   The ride is smooth (once again – butter) and the styling is stellar — or perhaps borderline wicked awesome. Buick has stepped up their game to make a vehicle that is arguably the best in its class. Do yourself a favor and take it for a spin, ask for the keys to a test drive, I can almost guarantee you that you won’t want to give them back … unless you’re a margarine type of character.

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