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Magnum Visits Runde Chevrolet

A BIG surprise was in store for me as I walked out to the showroom floor the other day. A beautiful Mastiff was sitting with his owner, Jesse Coulson, who was in for some service on his Colorado.

Wow Jesse, that is a huge dog! How old is he?
He’s 22 months old. He weighs close to 180lbs currently, I expect him to grow to around 200lbs.

Runde Chevrolet East DubuqueHe’s a Mastiff right? Pretty nice dogs from what I hear.  He seems very attentive – probably a good bird watcher.
They are called “Gentle Giants” and that is very true of Magnum. One time our family went on a vacation and Magnum was distressed because all of his family was gone for a few days. He’s very close to the family.

What does he eat?
His favorite food is string cheese. They grow up so fast so it’s good to get them cheese for calcium. He eats close to 60lbs of food a month which isn’t bad for an active dog but it’s quite a bit for Magnum since he is an inside dog.

Does he always ride around with you?
Yeah, we take him in our Colorado which is almost to small for him anymore. Cars are constantly slowing down to take a look at him… there was almost an accident the other day because of a distracted driver!

Did you get your Colorado from Runde’s?
Yes we did, a time ago from the salesman Dave Frazier.

How do you like your experiences with Runde’s?
Everything was, and still is, great. From buying to service, I’ve never had any problems, I would recommend Runde’s to anyone. We are looking to upgrade soon, so while we were waiting we took a look at your inventory.

Great, gotta get a vehicle that can comfortably fit Magnum and the family, eh?
Yeah, we have kids and pets and it’s just about time to upgrade to something bigger.

Runde Auto Group I’m sure you’ll find something great! It was a pleasure to meet you and Magnum today, looks like your truck is all ready for you.

Thank you!


  • Jesse| April 2, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    The Best Dog inthe world.

  • Jesse| April 2, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    The Best dog in the world.

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