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The Customer is Always Right at Runde Auto Group

I have bought more trucks off of Runde than you got teeth.  I am telling you the truth.  Tim Runde is in his establishment.  There isn’t a finer dealership around here.  I am 63 years old and I have bought new trucks since 1977, every year.  So you figure that out.  I don’t have any problems with Runde or their dealership.  If there was a problem in the past, I went out there and they took care of it, no questions, no hassle.  It was done.  They are good, that is why they are as big as they are.

Melvin D. – East Dubuque, IL



This is just a short note to thank you for the wonderful service we received when we were there to purchase our new truck.  The friendly & professional service we received was very much appreciated.  I am pretty sure that we will trade with you again in the future.  Also, thanks for our goody bag.  We have never received that when buying vehicles before.  Nice touch!!  I am overall impressed with Runde.

Roger K.  – Sciota, IL

The service department is top notch and they do great work.  Tim Runde is a very knowledgeable sales person and knows what vehicle fits a given situation the best.  I have recommended this dealership to many people!!

Joseph S. – Holy Cross, IA


Runde Auto Group

Runde Chevrolet



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