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Remembering the Classics

While the new vehicles being displayed at the auto show were fascinating and exciting, there’s something about vehicles that haven’t been seen on the road for a long time that strike that same emotion. Looking at some of the first vehicles ever invented really gave me an up-close and personal look at just how far we have come.

Take a gander at the vehicles below… They were using wood as a body frame material and actual lanterns were being used as lights.  Automotively speaking, some things that we find today to be primitive are beautiful in my mind.  But beauty aside, I don’t think the National Committee for Highway Safety would see lit lanterns hanging from a vehicle as “safe”.  In the event of an accident in today’s world, open flames and potentional gas leaks aren’t exactly seen as the best combination. 

Just think 100 years into the future… they’ll be saying: “I can’t believe they used fiberglass and steel for the vehicle bodies and their engines burned gas and diesel!” Vehicles clearly are a measure of progress and creativity for our society.  Who knows what the future will hold on the vehicular timeline … but something tells me that our great, great grandchildren will still be whining for a way to be transported to the mall on snowy winter days when school has been cancelled.

Enjoy a blast from the past with these Classic Ford cars!

1915-1916 Model T Ford Deport Hack

1926 Model T Ford Fordor

1930 Model A Ford Coupe

1911 Model T Ford Torpedo Roadster

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