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Hitch a Ride in the Truck of the Year

Taxi cabs are a huge part of big city life. Those of us from the Tri-States have probably been, at some point or another, to downtown Chicago (or another big city – if not you should really get out more…). Walking down the sidewalk and glancing at the traffic on big city streets, you probably think “glad I’m not driving in that mess of cars.” Chances are that you have experienced crazy taxi drivers — I know I have.  Several taxi drivers that I’ve witnessed don’t much care for the laws of the road as they almost hit pedestrians.  Since when does a red light mean go anyway?  Just as 30 is the new 20, red must be the new yellow in Metropolis.

If you’re thinking about going back to Chicago in the near future, you’d better be prepared for the possibility of being hit by a whole lot bigger Taxi as the truck of the year – Ford Transit –  has high hopes to make a debut as a Taxi fairly soon.

In addition to having more cargo and leg space, the Transit Taxi is working on offering a rear entertainment package for customers that will have a screen displaying stock quotes, weather conditions and cab fare among other things. In addition, it will offer a credit-card swipe pay station for passengers. Last, Ford promises that the taxi will be available with a version of Ford Work Solutions that includes high-speed internet.

Begs the question, is this a cab or a limo?

The Transit Connect Taxi goes into production this year and will available as a 2011 model.


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