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Runde’s Raising Awareness Series Part 3: The DBQ Multicultural Family Center

Today we’d like to bring awareness to the Dubuque Multicultural Family Center (MFC). With a great new place and offering even more activities for the members of the community, the MFC is always a great place for people to expand their education, skills, and bonding time with the family. Several people may not be aware of this great resource in Dubuque and others might not know how or where to make a donation. So please take the time to read the interview below and find it in your hearts to support this, or other great charitable organizations.

The Dubuque Multicultural Family Center

The Dubuque Multicultural Family Center (MFC) offers individuals, families, and newcomers to the Dubuque community various opportunities. From interesting classes to a multitude of great resources, the MFC aids those in the community and promotes culture in Dubuque. Tara Velez, director of the Multicultural center, shared a few words with us about what the center offers the people and families of Dubuque.

Can you give us a little history on the Multicultural Center?
Originally, we opened up a building on White Street  in July of 2005 that was called the Group Neighborhood Residence.  This was mainly a place to help children.  A few months ago we moved to a new location on Central Avenue.  We changed our focus a little and called it The Multicultural Family Center. The Multicultural Family Center focuses on families, not just children.

What Does the MFC offer?
We have a variety of classes: English language classes, family art classes,
family computer literacy classes, drama club for youth, and more.  In addition to the classes, we offer: after school homework help, a dance club for teens, resume workshops, family movie night, teen night, a computer recycling program, and free internet & computer access…. just a variety of different things.

How many Volunteers or Staff work at the MFC?
There are 8 members. The classes are taught by volunteers and Northern Iowa Community College (NICC) professors. NICC actually teaches some  of their classes through the MFC.

Is there a fee to enter or engage in any of these classes or activities?
Most of the classes are free of charge. There are a few that have a very small charge (usually in the range of $10) but most everything at the center is free.

Can anyone come to the MFC?
Yes, it is open to the community. There is also a welcoming program where we take families who are new to Dubuque and introduce them to the city over a period of time.

How would someone donate to the MFC?
The best way to start donating would be to call the volunteer center.

Phone: (563) 690-6043
Email: mfc.volunteer@gmail.com
Address: 1157 Central Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52001

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