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Runde’s Raising Awareness Series Part 2: The Food Bank

In continuation of our Raising Awareness series, Runde’s would like to bring awareness to the St. Steven’s Food Bank. The food bank has helped countless non-profit organizations over the years by delivering food to those in need. If you find it in your heart to donate to the Food Bank, please use the information at the bottom of this post to contact the appropriate party.

St. Steven’s Food Bank

Sue Davis, Finance Director at St. Steven’s Food Bank in Dubuque, IA explains how the food bank is helping out some charitable organizations — not only this holiday season, but all year-round:

In your words, what does the food bank do?
Our food bank receives quantities of food from the food bank in Moline and distributes the food to about 100 non-profit agencies in the Tri-State area.

How long has the food bank been open?
We have been open since 1982.

Since you are non-profit, how do you get funds to operate and function?
We charge $.18 per pound as a handling fee and that covers the majority of our operating expenses. We also get donations from several wonderful people.

Do you receive money or food as donations?
Usually both. People are very generous and we appreciate any help we can get.

How many volunteers or employees work at the food bank?
We have two office workers, one truck driver and one warehouse person.

What does the food bank have planned for Christmas?
It’s going to be very busy because we are going to be shut down the week of the 21st through the 28th. We are trying to get our agencies their Christmas food before we go on our Christmas shutdown.

How do people go about making a donation?
They can call if they are interested or they can mail a donation.

Phone: (563) 557-7474
Email: SSFB@live.com
Address: St. Stevens Food Bank PO Box 3257
Dubuque, Iowa 52004

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