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New Ford Sync Turns your Vehicle into a Hot Spot on Wheels

78978If you have driven a vehicle equipped with the Ford Sync Technology– then you’re probably well aware that it effortlessly syncs up your phones, mp3 players and other gadgets via Bluetooth or USB input. Now how about this for a little bonus: Internet.  Yep.  Not a misprint — I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T.

That’s right, internet wherever you may go and internet wherever you are… internet high …. internet low … internet at home … and now internet on the go… just as long as you have a 3G compatible wi-fi card (note: monthly fees might go with it).  The Sync, version 2.0, will have internet compatibility integrated into its USB ports. So on top of all of the cool things the Sync already does (like transmitting your phone calls though vehicles speakers) your passengers can now surf the waves of the digital age in your car on their labtops as you cruise down the highways and byways — just remember to keep your eyes on the road when one of your kids shouts out,  “Check out this hilarious video on YouTube!!!” 

What’s the coolest thing about all this? Ford isn’t charging  anything to use the added feature, it’s a genuinely helpful and beneficial feature that Ford would prefer you have on top of what the SYNC can already offer you. But before you take your portable cafe for a marathon of Pandora and Facebook, just remember that you must have the 3G service equipped on your laptop or mobile device to connect to the Sync’s router.


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