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Happy Thanksgiving From Runde Auto Group!

It’s that time of year again where we give thanks… thanks to the people we love, thanks for all of the nice things we have in life, and thanks to the ones who guided our lives in the right direction. (I remember in the fourth grade Tim Earle and I were fighting on the playground during recess — probably over who got to be quaterback next or something like that…  Our teacher, Mrs. Stanton, had witnessed this and when we came back inside — she made us both stand up in from of the whole class and hug each other.  Sounds weird to be thankful for a teacher who used public humiliation as a deterrent, but I went to school with Tim for 12 years and I don’t think me or Tim ever got into another fight with anyone ever again after that.  Thanks Mrs. Stanton.). Come to think of it, there are so many things that we could be thankful for.  Some are universal things that everyone generally understands, but some personal thoughts of thanks are ones that mean something unique that perhaps only you can understand.

Here’s what the people at Runde’s are thankful for today:


Here at Runde’s, we want to wish you and the ones you love a great Thanksgiving. In preparation for the holiday to come I’ve put together a mini Thanksgiving survival guide for our readers:

Conflicting interests: Having multiple cooks in the kitchen could mean one of two things; 1. You will have a feast you will never forget with food beyond sight, or 2. There will be a conflict of interest between the cooks and you will reap the potentially devastating outcome.  Let’s try to maintain a culinary sense of peace in the kitchen this year!

Solution: To protect your assets (food) participate in the kitchen and make sure everyone is having a good time and getting along. A harmony of thought will lead to a delightful meal.  (Easier said than done sometimes, eh?)

The day breaker: Eating too much at the biggest feast of the year (for many) may lead you to waste some of your day. Most people have experienced it, it’s probably the most common symptom of Thanksgiving-itis:  drowsiness.  Turkey has a natural chemical called tryptophan (it’s one of my sister’s favorite words — she just has the mention it every Thanksgiving.)  which is an amino acid that causes drowsiness. Mix this with overeating and under-activity and you got the perfect excuse to hit the couch for a couple hours.

Solution: Avoid this by prepping your stomach with some light food before gobbling down the turkey – the tryptophan’s sleepy symptom doesn’t work well on a stomach that isn’t empty.  And, seriously, put down the 3rd helping of smashed potatoes and gravy, geesh. Doing these simple steps should have you active for the rest of the day while everyone else takes a nap under the watchful eye of Mother Earth.  And if you’re still not sure what exactly a giblet is — then join the club!

Stay tuned for next month’s Christmas blog entry where we’ll try to explain what those little green things in a fruit cake are…

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