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Dave Cannon – Ram Truck Man — Runde Fan

IMG_4629Dave Cannon, from Manchester, IA, owns his own business — a log home maintenance company. Between going camping and repairing log homes, Dave Cannon stopped by our Manchester store to pick up a vehicle. Before he stepped out the door I managed to sneak in a few questions.

What did you come in for today?
I picked up my new Dodge Ram 2500.

Who was your salesperson?
Cory Harbach.

What do you think of your salesman?
He’s a good guy and he does a great job.

How would you rank your overall experience here at Runde’s on a scale of 1-10?
A “TEN”, everything was great, I had absolutely no problems.

Good enough to recommend to a friend, eh?
Oh sure, I’ll send them all over to Runde’s.

What do you like to do around the area?
We like to go out camping and fishing.

Are you married?
Mhmm.  Yep.

One boy – he’s twelve.

Where do you guys like to go camping?
I like to go to Backbone and another smaller campground just south of town.  Now that we have a bigger truck to pull the camper with, we’ll probably go farther away and explore more places and campsites.

Do you go out for a couple days at a time when you camp?
Yep. Usually make a weekend out of it.

Anything else you guys like to do as a family?
We like to go golfing. The boy loves to golf, the wife doesn’t like it as much but she likes to come with us.

Do you have any pets?
A cat – and he comes camping with us.

What would you say is the best part about coming to Runde’s?
It’s local and everyone is easy to talk to. I’d prefer to come talk to someone who makes me feel at home rather than going to another dealership. There’s no pressure, they take care of you.

Do you have any favorite movies?
I really don’t know… I’m more of an outdoors kind of person.

Do you have a favorite football team?
I better say the Bears.

What would you say is one invention you couldn’t live without?
I don’t know on that one, never thought about it. Gosh, I really don’t know.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Pay off my truck and retire.

Do you have a dream car or truck?
No not really – my wife and I think that you buy a vehicle to use it, not to sit in a garage to collect dust.

Would you buy your next truck from Runde’s?
Sure, they always treat me right.

Thanks Dave, hope you and your family find some nice spots to go camping now that you have the new truck!

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