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What Dreams are Made of – The Ford Couple

56756Ladies, ever since we were little girls we have been imagining our wedding… well at least most of us did. The pretty wedding dress, the friends, the atmosphere… it’s our perfect day. Some of us get to live out the dream and have that perfect wedding, some don’t go quite as well as planned, and others do things… well… a bit different.

Introducing Chris Hodges and Jamie Case. These two lovebirds don’t follow the “norm” so to say. Instead of opting-in for a big fancy wedding, they decided to borrow a 2010 Ford Fusion (supplied by Ford) and hit the road to see 250 people that they planned to visit all over the country.

Instead of spending a big chunk of money in one day for a wedding, they spread it out over six weeks and enjoyed a road trip together and visited the¬†people who matter the most. They called the trip “Two people, two months, two hundred friends, one bad economy, one ring, one dress, one car, one life together.”

After the trip was finished, the couple signed the marriage papers and were officially married. To make things a bit stranger… they also changed their last names… Not to the last name of the husband like most couples would… no… this couple does pretty much everything different. They adopted the last name “Ford” after “two months of long conversations, intense fights, and hours of thinking.”

The couple said they came up with that name for several reasons, but I think we all know that after driving that Fusion for two weeks, they wanted to have Ford be part of their lives, ’till death do them part.

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