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Time Magazine Names Most Exciting Vehicles for 2010

Time Magazine recently published the top 10 most exciting vehicles of 2010. Making the list are three vehicle makes that Runde’s offers. Here are the three along with pictures and what Time had to say about them:

1. The Suzuki Kizashi –


What Time Magazine has to say:
“Known for small cars and SUVs, Suzuki makes its first foray into the heart of the U.S. market with the midsize Kizashi sedan. The exterior styling is fresh, and the interior packs cool features such as sporty seats and a nifty instrument cluster that give the car character. The Kizashi’s key asset could be its power train, which includes a new 4-cylinder aluminum engine that can be matched up to either a six-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable automatic transmission. Kizashi won’t go on sale until late fall, and the price is expected to be in the low-$20,000 range. Toyota and Honda better look over their shoulders, because the Kizashi makes clear that Suzuki intends to claim a share of the midsize market in the U.S.”

2. The Jeep Grand Cherokee –


What Time Magazine has to say:

“The popularity of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was instrumental in launching the SUV boom of the 1990s. America’s love affair with big, gas-guzzling hulks is pretty much over, but Chrysler believes there’s a new chapter for this rugged classic. Jeep’s engineers have shortened the vehicle, given it a more aerodynamic shape and equipped it with a more luxurious interior, featuring more expensive materials and higher-grade controls. It also comes with a more efficient V-6 engine while trying to remain faithful to Jeep’s can-do heritage. The introduction of the Jeep Grand Cherokee is now scheduled for the second quarter of 2010.”

3. Ford Taurus SHO –


What Time Magazine has to say:

“The Taurus SHO is the more powerful version of the full-size 2010 Taurus, which Ford has completely remade for the new model year. Detroit’s carmakers have tinkered for years trying to combine fuel efficiency and old-fashioned muscle, and the SHO’s EcoBoost engine — with direct injection and turbo-charging — delivers the power of a V-8, 365-horsepower vehicle with V-6 fuel efficiency. The SHO also comes with a six-speed automatic gearbox, featuring steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters and all-wheel drive. The chassis has been overhauled, and critics are already calling it the best sedan Ford has ever built. There’s plenty of cutting-edge technology too, such as adaptive cruise control, which maintains an interval between you and the car ahead, and a safety system that prepares the vehicle for a crash.”

Stay tuned to learn more about these fantastic vehicles or give us a call at (866-735-5200) to learn more about being the first in line to get your hands on one.  Maybe you can beat Conan O’Brien to the punch and pick up the first SHO off the assembly line.

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