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Bob and Beth Clemen – Had pets, now kids.


Natalie's artistic rendition of the Suzuki store. Good job Natalie!

The Clemen family happened to be out and about and decided to have a nice little chat with me about their experience they had at Runde Suzuki. The conversation ended up being the highlight of my day.

Hello, thanks for coming. I heard you bought a vehicle from us recently?
Yep. About two weeks ago we got a Chevy HHR.

So how have the two weeks been – what have you been using the vehicle for?
It’s been great! Beth usually takes it to work and back and we’ve gone out to our parents house a couple of times… we will be using it for pretty much everything.

How did your parents like the vehicle?
Well I took my Grandma for a ride –she’s going to be 82 next year in June — and she was like, “Oh this is so much nicer to get into than your old van” so she must have liked it.

How was your experience when you bought your vehicle here?
It was great. Our salesman, Al Kloft, was very lively.

What did you like most about your experience?
Well, I came in and knew pretty much what I wanted and Al transported the vehicle I wanted to the Suzuki store so that we wouldn’t have to travel far to see it. Just great customer service overall.

Well, that’s great! And what is your favorite part of the new vehicle, Natalie?
The window on the top! The car is goood!

Do you like it better than the old minivan?

Are you guys from the area, then?
We are from Dubuque.


Natalie was being quite the little artist while waiting.

What do you like to do in Dubuque?
Umm… We like to go out with the kids.  Natalie’s favorite restaurant is Red Robin.

Do you go out to movies a lot?
We try to. The last movie we saw was X-Men Origins and it was a pretty good movie.

What kind of hobbies do you have?
Bob milks cows… I chase kids…

Do you go on a lot of trips?
No, not really… most of the stuff that we do is visit family. We like to get out on a few summer outings.

Do you have a favorite music group?
Beth: I like Rascal Flatts, I never used to like them until I met him.

What kind of activities do you like?
We go on walks a lot.   We plan on going to the zoo soon…

How long have you two been married?
Seven years in October.

Do you remember your first date?
We met at my cousin’s wedding.  Then my roomate needed help putting up an entertainment center, so I had Bob come over and help… since then we have always made a good team.

So you have two kids, then?
Yep. Just Natalie and Logan, who’s two.

How old are you Natalie?
*Holds up her hand and sticks out four fingers* Four!

Four, wow! Are you going to pre-school?
Yes, it’s good.

Do you guys have any pets?
No, we used to… but then we had a kid.

If you could do any one thing, what would you do?
Bob: I’d go to a Miami Dolphin game.

If you were to compare your family to a sitcom family which one would you be?
I don’t know… I know we watch a lot of the Disney channel, but we aren’t much like any of those families.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
Probably something practical at first like pay off all of our debts and bills.

What makes your family unique?
Hmm… Well I really don’t know many other kids like ours. They make everything unique.

That’s all of the questions that I had, would you like to add anything?
Beth: What do you think Logan, can you say “I love my HHR?”

Thank you very much. I hope you continue to love your HHR!


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