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The Wuertzer’s Always Have the Best Shot

dsc05337Today I had the great pleasure of meeting and getting to know Tiffany and Randy Wuertzer. Randy Wuertzer owns Best Shot Paintball field located in Asbury and Tiffany will soon be attending the University of Iowa as a freshman. Before boogieing out of the store, they graciously let me have a little chat with them…

What brought you to Runde’s today?
We bought a vehicle – a 2003 Hyundai Accent.

How do you like it?
Randy: So far so good.  It’s a manual so I have to teach her how to drive it a bit more. 
Tiffany: I tried to drive it a little bit and it seemed good.

So I hear you are in the service?
Tiffany: Actually I just got done with basic training so I’ll be going to drills every weekend.

That training is pretty vigorous, huh?
Tiffany: Yea, I mean I liked it…
Randy: She kicked the butt out of everyone there! Even the guys couldn’t catch up.

How was your experience here at Runde’s?
Tiffany: It was all really good. Al Kloft is a very nice guy, he’s very entertaining.
Randy: I told her that as soon as Al opened his mouth I knew he was good.  He knew that we were going to walk out of here with a car. 

What led you to Runde’s?
Randy: My brother buys trucks from you guys all the time.

If you were to rank Runde’s 1-10 what would you give it?
Randy: Defiantly a whole lot better than ******** (a different local dealership) that’s for sure! They had a car out there that we test-drove and we had to take it right back because it was giving us so many problems.  Then the salesmen suggested another car and the thing wouldn’t even start, they ought to be embarrassed. But you guys were great, no problems at all, I’d give you a high nine.

What do you plan on doing with the car?
Tiffany: I’m going to school in Iowa in the fall and I have drills up there as well so I’ll be going back and forth between
school, drills, and home.

Are you guys originally from the area?
Yep. We’ve lived in Dubuque all our lives.

What do you guys like to do around Dubuque?
Uh, I don’t know – leave?  Haha. We like to get out of Dubuque quite a bit.  We shop around in Iowa City and Galena – once you’ve lived here so long, you get bored with all of it.

Are you married, Randy?
Randy: Yes I am, for 24 years now.

What do you do for fun?
Tiffany: I like to hang out with my friends, go to bonfires and movies.

Do you have a favorite movie?
Tiffany: Umm… Tommy Boy and Super Troopers

Do you like to go paintballing on your dads field?
Tiffany: I didn’t like paintballing at first — I actually hated it, but I’ve recently started to like it.

Do you have any siblings?
Tiffany: Yea, I have two older sisters who are finishing up college and my brother is a sophomore in high school.

Get along with all of them?
Tiffany: Yea, for the most part. I’m the cool one and the peacemaker, or at least try to be.

What do you guys do as a family?
We went down to Jackson, SC and stayed in a cabin that was pretty cool. Usually we are too busy to get out all together for a trip so we don’t really get out that much.

What would you say your favorite place is in Tri-States?
Tiffany: I like Los Aztecas Mexican restaurant on Hwy 20 in Dubuque.

What kind of music do you like?
Tiffany: I like all kinds of Christian music, even Christian hip-hop.

What makes your family unusual or unique?
Well, we own a paintball field; I think that is pretty different.

If you could compare your family to a sitcom family, which one would it be?
Probably the Cosby’s because we are all really funny or maybe The Incredibles because we all have our own unique power.

If you could do any one thing, what would you do?
Tiffany: I’d probably play in the WNBA. It’s been my dream since I was a kid.

If you were to win the lottery, what would you do with the money?
We’d buy a new Runde car! (Randy whispers to me) “is that the right answer?”

That’s a great answer! Anything you guys would like to add?
Tiffany: My sister is going to be really jealous of me knowing that I got this car. She’s wanted it for awhile now and I’m actually getting it so hopefully I’ll be alright. Other than that Runde’s has been great to us!

Thank you very much, enjoy your new vehicle!


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