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Charles Waser – Veteran of Happiness

charles-wasser-1Who finds a gold ring in a car? Al Kloft (Mr. Waser’s salesmen) did just that as he was told by Charles Waser before he traded in his vehicle that he had lost his diamond gold ring quite some time ago. After looking and finding the ring on the floor of Mr. Waser’s old car, Al came up to Charles and presented him with his long-lost ring.  Charles was ecstatic and needed to get rid of some energy so I sat him down and we had a nice chat.

What did you come into Runde’s today for?I bought a car – that ’05 Chevy Cavalier.


What lead you to Runde’s?  Through word of mouth — several people that I know in Elizabeth, IL suggested the place.


So you are from Elizabeth, then?

Oh yea, quite a few people from there know about this place.


Charles Waser brought in some of his War-related gear.

So Al was your salesmen, how did you like Al?

He’s sharp. I think he wants to take me under his wing.

So the service was pretty good in general?

Oh yeah, great service and everything.

What’s the car going to be used for?  Just for pleasure.  When it snows or rains, I don’t go.


What do you do in Elizabeth?

Well… really there’s nothing to do in Elizabeth… Have you been to Elizabeth?

I think I drove through it at one point…

It says “Welcome” and “Come Again” on the same sign! (laughs)

img00117I’m assuming you go out to Dubuque to do most of your shopping etc.?

Yes, pretty much have to travel there to do anything.

Do you go to movies?

Oh boy, you see I’m going with a younger woman, she’s only 87 (laughs) just kidding. But no, I don’t really go to theatre movies, just whatever is on T.V.


My wife died – I was married for 66 years. I have two girls and a boy who all have their own careers now.

Any pets?

No…no… just my neighbor.

What hobbies do you like?

I like to go fishing. I go up to Canada with some buddies every year to fish.

So I hear you were in a war?

Yea, I’m a veteran of WWII. I was in the Air Force where I put in 21 years. I was the flying mechanic of the 17’s and 24’s.

Do you have any story-worthy memories?

I remember many things but the one incident that affected me significantly is when shrapnel came through our plane. I still have shrapnel in my stomach that they couldn’t ever remove. It gets cold in the winter time because of the metal pieces, heh heh.

Mr. Waser went on to tell me a couple of pretty good jokes before he smiled and waved goodbye to me in his new car heading home.


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