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Chicago Auto Show… Sweet

Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque recently had the opportunity to make a road trip to the Chicago Auto Show. We managed to pull up our jaws and glance at our cameras every once in awhile to snap some photos for you. We hope you enjoy viewing a few of the amazing vehicles that were there!

dsc005662 dsc006031

Chevy ran an impressive show with an array of cars including the all- electrical Volt (left) and the new Equinox (right)

dsc005871 dsc005841

Dodge showcased some sleek and stylish looking cars such as the Mr. Norm Super Challenger (Left) and the Circuit EV concept car (right)

dsc005822 dsc00573

The Buick Lacrosse (left) was a classy update to a classic car where as the Corvette Sting Ray concept car (right) begged for attention with its stylish and bold looks.


And finally… a giant robot.  It’ll never sell.

For more information about the show be sure to check out the offical website here

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