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What Goes Up … Must Come Down

We all knew that once the world oil prices started to plummet, fuel prices would soon follow.   It’s nice to finally look up at gas station signs and see  numbers that don’t begin with “3” or “4” as the national average for gas is now at $1.67 a gallon.  Certainly no one is complaining about the current prices after what Americans painfully paid at the pumps for most  of 2008.  In light of  all that’s going on in the world right now, it’s definitely nice to have some economic relief somewhere. 

With Americans now bragging about how little they paid during their last trip to the pump, truck and SUV sales are appearing like they will be higher than car sales once the ’08 December totals are all calculated according to CNN.

 course for those of you, like my uncle Gus, who are still looking to pinch a few pennies because you’re still not satisfied with the current state of fuel prices  — remember that you can go to GasBuddy.com to research which stations have the lowest prices in your neck of the woods.

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