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Shop ’til you drop … It’s that time of year again

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and ate a lot of turkey! Now that Thanksgiving is over, most people are already thinking about Christmas and the chaos you will find in the retail stores today.

In honor of Black Friday, I thought I would ask some of the Runde employees what is on their Christmas list this year and when they normally start their shopping. Unfortunately, I am not able to go shopping on the busiest day of the year, but I will hopefully be venturing out tomorrow!

Runde of Manchester


Joe Behnke from the reconditioning deptartment wants to get his last name tattoo’d on his back. He thinks he will get half of that paid for. He also said that he may buy an XBox 360 for himself…so Merry Christmas! He said he won’t do any of his shopping until Christmas Eve.  P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N.  Can you use it in a sentence?  Can I have a definition please?

Jenna Moser, who fuels the Runde Internet Department, would like a new Kathy Van Zeelandbag and some clothes. She is almost done with her shopping, but still plans to meet her mom a few times to do … you guessed it … more shopping!


beckyRunde of East Dubuque

Becky Kuhl, from the upstairs office, wants a McDermott pool cue. She doesn’t care if it comes from her boyfriend, Nick, or from Santa…She just wants one! Hey Nick – If you’re reading this … Hint … Hint. At first when asked, she tried to tell me she wanted a purple-horned Unicorn like Rainbow Brite…I told her that would never happen and we need some realistic ideas! 😛

Lisa Rigdon, who also works in the upstairs office, would like another horse (that’s right – a horse)…she doesn’t ask for much! She actually sounds a lot like my little cousins. Ha!!! Her kids are getting to the age where they want big things, like laptops and iPods.

Lisa Charley, from the Advertising Department, is done with her Christmas shopping already. She said she had a 30%-off coupon from Kohls and got it all done in one shot (at 70% of what it normally would have cost her — Hooray for coupons!!). She sounds like my mom, only she keeps shopping even after she is supposedly done!


Chris Anderson, from the sales department, says he would like to get a Golden Retreiver puppy for his family. There’s nothing like a dog to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Runde Buick of Cuba City

Runde of Cuba CitySalesman Al Dellabella wants a 55 gallon drum of dimes, or a shoebox full of $100’s. His wife, Deb, who also works for us, wants an Estee Lauder gift set from Younkers.


john-leibfried-10John Leibfried, also in sales, wants a 2009 Buick Enclave CXL AWD in Gold Mist. I told him I would let the Runde boys know what they can get him this year! Other than that, he has nothing else on his list.

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