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What Drives the Candidates…or What Do They Drive?!

With election time coming up, everyone is thinking about who the candidates, who they should vote for, and what they stand for. We are thinking about all that, of course, but it’s also interesting when you look at Who’s Driving What!!



Barack Obama traded his Chrysler 300C in for a Ford Escape Hybrid.

Joe Biden drives a 1967 Corvette given to him as a wedding gift.


John McCain drives a Cadillac CTS.

Sarah Palin drives a Chevrolet Suburban.

 Americans have always seen their vehicles as an extension of their personalities.   Their vehicles in a sense represent who we are and what type of lifestyle we have.  These candidates are certainly not exceptions to this idea.  I could easily picture each of them comfortable riding along without looking out of place in the vehicles listed above.  Obviously, by their choice of vehicles they definitely bleed Red, White, and Blue and they all know how to ride in style!  We’ll have to wait for another month to see who wins the election.  If it was a drag race instead of an election … well that would be an entirely different story.   

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