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A Glimpse Into the Life of Al

I sat down with Al Dellabella, the Sales Manager at Runde Buick in Cuba City. He is a tough guy to catch! I almost had to handcuff him to his chair to get the interview completed. Just Kidding! He had some very interesting stories, and is a great guy to talk to.

Runde Auto Chat: How long have you worked at Runde Cuba City?

Al Dellabella: Before it became Runde Buick, it was Dellabella Motors. I worked there for about 30 years, and have been working for Runde’s for about 6 years.

RAC: What do you like most about working here?

AD: The clientele and internal personnel; We are a real team (He referred to them as the “Cuba City Connection”)

RAC: Any favorite restaurants in the area?

AD: Brewery Creek in Mineral Point – Our son works there, and I really enjoy the atmosphere. For a quicker and less expensive meal, I like the Great Dragon Express in Dubuque.

RAC: How do you like to spend your days off?

AD: At home in the garden. We have peppers, tomatoes, okra, strawberries, raspberries, and a pear tree. I love being outside.

RAC: Have you been watching the Olympics?

AD: Yes, I’ve watched quite a bit of the swimming events. Michael Phelps is amazing!

RAC: What is something you’ve done in your life that you’ll never forget?

AD: When I worked for Dellabella Motors, I won 2 trips. One was an Alaskan cruise, the other a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. I got to take my wife, Deb, with me and we had a blast.

RAC: If you had a private jet for a weekend, where would you go?

AD: Adana, Turkey. I was stationed there for 18 months in the Air Force. I met Deb while I was on leave, and she wrote to me every day the whole time I was there. [I think Al must be a bit of a romantic ;-)]

Stop in at our Cuba City Buick location to talk to Al! Also, ask to test-drive any of our new Buick vehicles: Lucerne, Lacrosse, or the already famous Enclave; The vehicles that make you say ‘Wow!’

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  • Andy Hovan| August 18, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    HI Al, dont know if you remember me but we were stationed @ incerlik CDI DET 16. If you get time drop me a note. ahovan@aol.com

    Andy Hovan from Cleveland OH

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