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Chevy Introduces The Silverado Hybrid


Chevrolet will release the Silverado Hybrid late in the fall of 2008 (in limited quantities). It has a two-mode engine, allowing for 5 power combinations. The first mode can work in 3 ways: electric, engine power, or a mixture of the two. These are used in low speed, light load conditions for optimal fuel efficiency. The second mode is used for highway speeds, allowing the truck the capacity to run in either a four-cylinder or eight-cylinder modes. They offer the ability to tow or handle rough conditions. This engine allows for 40% more efficienct city driving and 25% more efficient highway driving.

The truck has all the available options as the other Silverados, but a new fuel efficiency gage is available in the hybrid. It tells you if the truck is operating at the optimum level.

Chevy takes pride in the high-quality, dependable vehicles they produce, and the Silverado Hybrid is no exception.

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