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Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque Wins Again – The Mark of Excellence

The Mark of Excellence is the original name of the logo for the GM Corporation. It was first used by GM in 1966 and the logo originally included the phrase “Mark of Excellence” at the bottom. It was initially installed on the door jambs of GM vehicles. Some of us older folks might recall that the logo also was also stamped on the release buttons of seat belt buckles in GM vehicles until the mid-1990s.
The “Mark of Excellence” is also an award. Runde Chevrolet was presented with this award just last week for their sales and customer satisfaction results again. Runde Chevrolet has won this award numerous times, however GM keeps raising the bar and winning the award thus becomes more of a challenge with the passing of each year.

GM representatives were on hand in East Dubuque to present the award to Tim and Greg Runde who are two of the five co-owners of the Runde Auto Group. The GM reps were also kind enough to buy pizza for the entire staff at Runde Chevrolet. Thanks guys! Now you might wonder how many Happy Joe’s large pizzas the Runde staff can consume during a lunch period. It’s sort of like that kid who was always asking the owl on that commercial way back when “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” Anyway, the answer to our pizza question — 20 large pizza pies!
Tim Runde - Chevrolet Mark of Excellence AwardTim Runde is pictured accepting the Mark of Excellence Award in the photo.

The fellow presenting the award is Maurice Williams – Mo for short. He is the Chevrolet Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for this area. I pointed out to Tim that even though he stands about 6 feet tall, he was dwarfed in the photo.

Mr. Williams commented that he did play basketball years ago and that he was drafted out of USC by the L.A. Lakers in 1982. I let him know that some of the Runde’s staff was chatting about the NBA Finals while eating the pizzas and someone brought up in jest how it would be great if the Lakers would bring back Kurt Rambis. Mo said that he was eventually cut by the Lakers, but he was in the Lakers camp in ’82 with Kurt Rambis and he actually took a couple of Kurt’s infamous elbows. That’s definitely one life experience that I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of.

The Mark of Excellence is an accomplishment reserved for only a select few outstanding GM dealerships for achieving a superior sales volume, and for exceptional dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Runde Chevrolet is proud to accept this award and we’ll continue to deliver excellent customer service to anyone and everyone who is put in our path. Of course we fully realize that without the continued patronage of our customers, we wouldn’t be receiving an outstanding symbol of recognition like this. So a big “Thank You” goes out to all of the Runde customers!!!



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