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Efficiency is the fuel of the future

On average, Tri-State residents are paying $3.84 for a gallon of gas this week according to IowaStateGasPrices.com. While rising gas costs are no surprise, motorists are trying to all sorts of ways to be more gas efficient. I know that I personally have been shifting into neutral more often and coasting down hills gradual slopes. If you want an idea on the lengths people are willing to go to save a few bucks click here.Experts are now saying that gas prices will eventually go back down – probably to around $3 a gallon, although it might take another year for prices to get there. However, for those of us who are not willing to take up jogging as our primary form of transportation to eliminate the pinch at the pump — check out these gas saving tips:

Keep an eye on your tire pressure: Under-inflated tires not only pose a safety hazard, but can also reduce your gas efficiency. Get your hands on a reliable tire gauge.

Get rid of excess weight from your vehicle: The heavier a car is the more gas it needs to get around. Clean out unnecessary items from your trunk. The Department of Energy suggests that drivers can save between 3 to 6 cents a gallon by driving lighter. (I have a penny pinching uncle who, if he read this article, would probably take his spare tire out of his trunk and store it in his garage — we do not recommend this).

Use cruise control: If your vehicle has cruise control take advantage of it, especially on long drives on the highway. A recent study discovered that using cruise control could mean substantial savings, up to 7 percent.

Avoid excessive idling when stopped in traffic: When your vehicle is not running, gas is conserved. If you expect to be idle for longer than a minute, its best to turn it off. Hybrid vehicles are each equipped with a feature that automatically shuts off the vehicle when it comes to a stop and starts it back up when you step on the gas. For those of us that don’t drive hybrids, we have to turn off our vehicles the old-fashioned way. Granted, we don’t have too many traffic jams in the Tri-State area, but if you go into a bigger city, you might take advantage of this strategy.

Watch your speed and slow down: This is quite possibly the biggest fuel saver tip is to simply slow down. It may take you longer to arrive at a destination, but you’ll be making fewer trips to the gas station.

If you are looking for more tips on increasing your mpg, which I am sure you will be as gas prices continue to soar up in the stratosphere, visit this site:

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