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What Does the World Look Like at 200 MPH ???

On its GMNext website, Chevrolet recently revealed that it ran the ZR1 Corvette all the way up to 205 mph at a test track in Papenburg, Germany. Luckily they installed a video camera on the inside of the car to capture the footage for the world to see. Life can move pretty fast, but this car simply flies down that straightaway … just goes to show what 638 horsepower can do for you.
The test track that they’re on is in Papenburg, Germany. The track was build in 1985 about 80 miles west of Bremen, Germany. It is operated by a Mercedes-Benz’s affiliate Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP). It’s a 7.7 mile oval track that’s out in the middle of what appears to be farmland according to the satellite photo (see photo below). As for the ZR1, there are many out there who are anticipating her arrival. But for now we’ll all just have to wait. We just wanted to share this with you and wish you an nice Memorial Day Weekend — even though it appears that the weather on Sunday and Monday won’t be very cooperative. People always say “drive carefully” during the holiday weekend. We’ll just say, “Please try to keep it under 205mph.”

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