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Can You Say Déjà Vu ??

If you reside in the Tri-State Area, you may recall an article on the front page of the Telegraph Herald newspaper on May 19th of 2007. The article was titled “Vehicle won’t be flying off the lot: Auto dealer won’t sell truck until baby birds in nest on tire leave” … and it started out saying, “A bird family weighing all of a few ounces is holding a 5,000-pound truck hostage outside of East Dubuque. A pair of robins choose an unlikely spot to build a nest — on top of the left rear tire of a red truck on the lot at Runde Suzuki and PreDriven Vehicles, a mile east of town on Highway 35. From the perfectly round nest tucked under the wheel well of the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado, the parents come and go, feeding three nestlings and scolding humans who get too close.”

The owner of Runde PreDriven/Suzuki, Jeff Runde, decided not to sell the truck that the nest was perched upon while the Robins were still living there. Runde Auto Group proved that they really care about the little guy … or little birds in this case. Runde’s demonstrated that big business can still make some green while keeping a watchful eye out for the inhabitants of the natural greenery where God paints the scenery.

The reason I’m bringing this up about one year later is that it’s happening again. I stopped up to the PreDriven store to take some vehicle photos yesterday and when I approached a used Chevy Tahoe, I noticed a bird fly out from under the rear wheel well. I walked back there and found a nest with a small blue robin’s egg in it. The bird that had flow off was either the expecting mama or papa and it stayed close by and kept chirping at me.
When I let Jeff Runde know about the nest, he said that he had seen the nest earlier, but there wasn’t an egg in it at the time. So we decided to mark the Tahoe key to let everyone know that the vehicle has an occupied nest and that no one is allowed to drive or sell it until after the egg has hatched and the robins have moved out.

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